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  • Sep 13, 2016
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Foundation Sponsors Upcoming Events

In upcoming weeks Foundation Broken Hill is sponsoring wide-reaching events in the community, which relate to our youth, our history and rural women of the region.

The sponsorships begin with a grant to Life Education NSW to assist children in our primary schools to attend the Healthy Harold Program during term four.

For more than 35 years Life Education has been bringing the Healthy Harold Program to NSW schools.  The program provides positive and preventative drug and health education and aims to motivate, encourage and empower young people to make smart life choices.

During the program, Healthy Harold will visit approximately 1,000 local children in our schools and preschools, with the Foundation’s grant helping to keep families’ costs to a minimum.

Development Executive for Life Education, Karen Yelverton said this is important.

“The Program struggles to get children from regional areas to partake as the attendance fee is yet another cost to struggling families. The grant from Foundation Broken Hill will greatly support these families and make a big difference to the number of children visited in the Broken Hill Region”.

Foundation Broken Hill is also supporting the Miner’s Memorial Day to be held on Sunday 9 October by sponsoring the iconic wheelbarrow race. This commemorative event helps to acknowledge all miners who helped to shape Broken Hill and those who paid the ultimate price.

Christine Adams, Secretary of the Broken Hill Heritage Advisory Committee, hopes the event will become a significant entry in the city’s annual calendar.

Foundation Chair Vince Gauci said this sponsorship is important to not only acknowledge the city’s past, but also its future in hosting events that can attract visitors to Broken Hill.

“While the Memorial Day will include reflection on lives lost, we hope the Wheelbarrow Race will also serve as a celebration of the wonderful spirit and camaraderie of Broken Hill miners.”

Also in October, the Foundation is sponsoring the local Rural Women’s Gathering which involves a 3 day conference to connect rural women from all over NSW and enable networking, access to resources and personal development. The grant will assist the committee in making the Gathering a professional event.

The Gathering, which is held in a different town annually, will see up to 400 rural women participate in workshops and outback experiences based around the theme of Rocks, Rust, Stars & Dust… a theme that incorporates many aspects of what makes Broken Hill unique.

Local retail and tourism businesses, along with local presenters, will be participating in all parts of the Gathering, giving a much needed boost to the region’s economy.

Gathering Committee Co-ordinator, Ellen Day acknowledged the importance of the grant.

“The Broken Hill Gathering is shaping up to be a way for people to see our town and the true outback spirit that makes us great.  Each aspect of the Gathering will have a bit of Broken Hill uniqueness in it and the funding from Foundation Broken Hill will help to showcase this.”

Recently Foundation Broken Hill has also injected significant funds into two local businesses to support sustainability and expansion. These funds will be repaid over time so they can be reinvested in other local business opportunities.

Foundation Broken Hill receives many grant applications each year and the requests for financial support often exceed the availability of funds.  However, the Foundation endeavours to support as many requests as possible that assist economic development, job creation, local business expansion and new business ventures; the support of local youth in skill development and the encouragement of education, sporting and social activities which aim to enrich the cultural diversity, community wellbeing and resources of the Broken Hill region.

For more information on the Foundation or to enquire about how to become at contributor to the Foundation please contact our Manager, Kimberley Fell on 8087 9985 or visit the office at 242 Blende St.