Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for Foundation grant funding?

Applications for funding will be considered by any individual, business or group from the Broken Hill Region with a project that:

  • Is focused on and/or based in the Broken Hill region
  • Addresses a key issue within the region
  • Is supported by a suitable planning process and is able to demonstrate the capacity to achieve its stated aims and objectives
  • Has the capacity to achieve ongoing viability after the grant period (this does not apply to feasibility or research projects)
  • Can provide satisfactory information on its management and financial status

Generally the following projects will not be considered for funding:

  • Projects that are retrospect (work is already completed)
  • Political organisations or campaigns

When can I apply for Foundation grant funding?

The Foundation’s Board of Directors meets in Broken Hill 4 times per year. To ensure that applications are considered at this time, please contact the Foundation Manager for further information regarding meeting times or refer to the events tab on this website for the current Board Meeting Schedule.

Applicants should indicate in their submission, if time constraints apply to the project. Applications may be considered outside of the scheduled meeting times but on a case by case basis – contact the Foundation office to discuss.

How do I apply for Foundation grant funding?

An application may only be made in writing – email application is preferred. Applications should be clear, concise and no more than 5 pages as per the template. For ease of application and assessment, an application template is available in Word format. All applicants are encouraged to use this template and ensure that all fields within the template are completed to the best of the applicant’s ability. For a copy of this template, contact the Foundation Manager, as per the details below.

Where relevant, support material may be included.

Do I need to give a presentation about my project and funding application?

The Foundation’s Board of Directors may require a personal presentation further detailing the project prior to a decision being made.

Who makes the decision about which projects are funded?

The Foundation’s Board of Directors are solely responsible for making decisions about which projects are chosen to be recipients of Foundation grant funding and which are not. The Foundation Manager is sometimes called upon to advise the Board on additional details relating to the project or applicant but is not involved in the final decision process.

How will I be notified of the decision made about my funding request?

All applicants will be notified in writing of the decision made by the Directors regarding the funding request.

If successful, do I need to report on the progress of my project?

All successful applicants are required to evaluate their project performance against their specified aims and objectives at the conclusion of the funding period. At this time they must provide a report including the project evaluation, with supporting documentation such as photos, to the Broken Hill Community Foundation.

Progress reports at appropriate periods of longer projects may be requested.