July 2011 – June 2012 Year In Review

July 2011

  • Kimberley Fell attends virtual trade fair organised by DKA – including Bell’s Milk Bar and BH Gourmet Products
  • Kimberley Fell attends thank you morning tea for Great Broken Hill Reunion sponsors
  • Mervin Jarman visit for I Street Lab (partially funded by BHCF)
  • Teleconference held Thursday 21st July

August 2011

  • New Foundation website started with Josh Cowdrey
  • Kimberley Fell attended Community Foundation Forum in Byron Bay – Vince Gauci attended and spoke with Dona Graham re: Bequest Program
  • Kimberley Fell attended EDC program with regards to apprenticeships in Broken Hill
  • Teleconference held Thursday 4th August

September 2011

  • Max Potential Show Case event – sponsorship from Foundation acknowledged
  • Foundation and EDC sponsored “Small Business September Breakfast” featuring Josh Cowdrey speaking on Social Media
  • Kimberley Fell attends AGM for Broken Hill Chamber of Commerce
  • Initial talks with Skills Centre regarding their closure and gifting of assets to Foundation
  • Filming of Foundation TV Ad
  • Kimberley Fell & Karren Howe attend premiere of Pro Talent workshop short film
  • Foundation represented at Sister City Function hosted by BHCC
  • Workshop held Sunday 11th September
  • AGM held Monday 12th September
  • Board Meeting held Monday 12th September – $5,000 in funding approved

October 2011

  • Bequest Sub-committee meetings weekly to progress with program
  • Foundation represented at the opening of the Gary Radford Pavilion – presented with appreciation plaque
  • Bequest poster photo shoot held on Sunday in Argent Street
  • EDC Presentation – “How to apply to the Foundation”
  • Teleconference held Thursday 6th October – $2,500 in funding approved

November 2011

  • Website progress meeting
  • Kimberley Fell attends official opening of Local Talk Office in Exchange Arcade
  • Mini Prospectus mailed out to community
  • Foundation representatives attend Robin Sellick Book Launch
  • BDT double page advert printed
  • Foundation TV ad starts to appear
  • Bequest program Launched
  • Attended ‘Give a Local a Go’ customer service awards
  • Workshop held Sunday 27th November
  • Board Meeting held Monday 28th November – $7,515 in funding approved

December 2011

  • Patton Village Christmas Party
  • Represented Foundation at John Williams Xmas Party
  • Attended RDA Christmas function
  • Teleconference held Thursday 15th December

January 2012

  • School Vouchers supplied through FRRR were a great success again this year with the total number of vouchers the Foundation has handed out totaling $127,000. This year Kimberley Fell attended the Lifeline office to see how proceedings went and gauge response from public directly.
  • Teleconference held Thursday 19th January

February 2012

  • The Foundation mailed out newsletter to all previous contributors. New 4 page format allowed for more information to be passed on.
  • Workshop held Sunday 19th February
  • Board Meeting held Monday 20th February – $30,960 in funding approved (included $25,000 bank guarantee to AV)

March 2012

  • Kimberley Fell judge for  the Lions – ‘Youth of the Year’
  • Attended ‘International Women’s Day’ Breakfast
  • Attended workshop run by RDA – ‘How to make a good committee member’ conducted by Sallie Saunders
  • New Website underway with completion in sight
  • Foundation information displays placed in Credit Union Office
  • Teleconference held Thursday 15th March – $ 2,591 in funding approved
  • Teleconference held Thursday 27th March

April 2012

  • BDT begins to place “Could you join the Gold Friends” adverts weekly…to date no direct response received.

May 2012

  • Foundation attended and manned display booth at this year’s ‘Energy & Mining’ Symposium.
  • Kimberley Fell and Bill McLeod attend a meeting of the Broken Hill Contribution Fund Inc and speak with the Board on becoming a Gold Friend of the Foundation. This proved successful, with a subsequent commitment of $25,000 over 5 years to the Capital Fund.
  • Teleconference held Thursday 10th May
  • Teleconference held Thursday 17th May

June 2012

  • Broken Hill Skills Centre closes at the end of month with both clearing sales going well – but no sale of the properties which are signed over to the Foundation at the end of the month.  One final gesture to the community by Skills Centre is to fund the cost of a shower at the North Aquatic Centre valued ($30,000), and a remaining cash donation to the Foundation of $74,459.70.
  • The NSW Trade & Investment Office (Robert Sidford) closed its doors this month with the positions being fulfilled from the Dubbo office from now on.  Meeting with Barry Alston (from Dubbo office) on 14/06/12.
  • Workshop held Sunday 24th June – Strategic Business Plan review
  • Board Meeting held Monday 25th June – $12,200 in funding approved