July 2012 – June 2013 Year In Review

July 2012

  • Australian Legion of Ex-Servicemen and Women continue their commitment to the Foundation with a donation of $1,500.
  • The Foundation officially takes ownership of the Skillshare properties.
  • Teleconference held Thursday 19th

August 2012

  • Kimberley Fell attended Community Foundation Forum in McKay.
  • Teleconference held Thursday 16th

September 2012

  • Max Potential Show Case event – sponsorship from Foundation acknowledged.
  • The Blunt Family becomes a Zinc Friend of the Foundation.
  • CFMEU continues support with a donation of $10,000 received.

October 2012

  • Consolidated Mining & Civil become Friends of the Foundation.
  • Gold Friends Broken Hill Community Credit Union and Shannon Electrics continue their support with further contributions of $5,000 each.
  • Both local mining operations – Perilya and CBH Resources (Rasp) continue their financial support of the Foundation.
  • Workshop held Sunday 7th
  • AGM held Monday 8th
  • Board Meeting held Monday 8th October – $43,000 in funding approved.
  • Teleconference held Thursday 18th

November 2012

  • Gold Friend, the Barrier Social Democratic Club continues its support with its 3rd contribution of $5,000.
  • Teleconference held Thursday 22nd

December 2012

  • The Foundation mailed out its fifth newsletter to contributors and supporters.
  • Foundation holds thank you night at Royal Exchange Hotel for supporters.
  • Attended RDA Christmas function.
  • Workshop held Sunday 9th
  • Board Meeting held Monday 10th December – $1,000 in funding approved. 

January 2013

  • Back to School voucher program runs in conjunction with FRRR and the Sidney Myer fund – awareness campaign begins with interviews on the ABC and 2BH radio stations and articles in the local paper.
  • Sub-committee for the Skillshare Training Grant begins to put program into place to run in June 2013.
  • Teleconference held Thursday 24th 

February 2013

  • Back to School Vouchers are handed out to the community with 500 vouchers valued at $25,000 going to help families with returning their children to school. The total number of vouchers the Foundation has handed out over the years now totals $152,000.
  • Foundation receives donation of new office computer from Edgnett Regional Computer Services.
  • The BH Contribution Fund makes its 2nd donation of $5,000 to the Capital Fund.
  • Teleconference held Thursday 21st February.
  • Teleconference held Thursday 28th

March 2013

  • Meeting held with both Scott Baker of the EDC and Denis Roach of the Chamber of Commerce to continue fostering relationships with the Foundation.
  • Attended ‘International Women’s Day’ Breakfast.
  • 2BH radio interview with Steve Miller of the EDC regarding the Business Mentoring Program.
  • Skillshare Sub-Committee Meeting regarding Training Grant Program.
  • Attended ‘Women in Business’ networking session.
  • Workshop held Sunday 24th
  • Board Meeting held Monday 25th March – $700 in funding approved.

April 2013

  • Attended BHCC ’Think Tank Thursday’ event with Foundation display.
  • Attended BHCC Summit for Community.
  • Teleconference held Thursday 18th

May 2013

  • Skillshare Sub-Committee Meeting regarding Training Grant Program.
  • Kimberley meets with Tracy Hicks of Willyama HS and Brian Bates of Broken Hill HS to present Skillshare Training Grant Program.
  • Teleconference held Thursday 16th May.

June 2013

  • Skillshare Training Grant Program opens to the Public.
  • Max Potential meeting with Anne Bransdon and Wayne Deeth.
  • Interview with James Hatton – 1st recipient of the Skillshare Training Grant.
  • Workshop held Sunday 23rd June
  • Board Meeting held Monday 24th June – $7,000 in funding approved.