July 2013 – June 2014 Year In Review

July 2013

  • Former BHCC GM Frank Zaknich and wife Terese join the Friends of the Foundation with a commitment of $3,000.
  • Max Potential 2013 Leadership program supported with a grant of $3,960
  • Teleconference held Thursday 25th

August 2013

  • The Men’s Shed at Community Inc is supported with a grant for tools valuing $2,005.
  • Teleconference held Thursday 22nd

September 2013

  • Ambassador Program launched at an event held at the Royal Exchange Hotel with 23 Community members signing on to become Foundation Ambassadors.
  • Foundation Manager, Kimberley Fell, attends Community Foundation Forum in the Barossa with the theme being – “Growing the Philanthropic Vine”.
  • Workshop held Sunday 22nd
  • AGM held Monday 23rd
  • Board Meeting held Monday 23rd

October 2013

  • Gold Friends Broken Hill Community Credit Union and Shannon Electrics continue their support with a further contribution of $5,000 each to the Capital Fund.
  • The Sister City Conference, held in region, is supported with sponsorship from the Foundation for a total of $3,000.
  • Foundation supports and attends events relating to the Fringe Festival including the opening of its pop up venue, film events and tribute dinners.
  • Teleconference held Thursday 31st

November 2013

  • Teleconference held Thursday 21st

December 2013

  • The Foundation was invited and attended the RDA Far West Christmas function.
  • Teleconference held Tuesday 17th 

January 2014

  • Back to School Voucher Program – format change – vouchers issued directly from the Foundation’s office with the program running until 14th March 2014.
  • Interview on the ABC and an article in the Barrier Daily Truth are conducted in relation to the $25,000 of Back to School Vouchers available.
  • Teleconference held Thursday 30th

February 2014

  • The Back to School Voucher Program is launched at the Foundation office with 500 Target vouchers available for those in need in the community. The total number of vouchers handed out now totals $177,000.
  • Interview with 2BH conducted in relation to the Back to School Voucher Program.
  • The Broken Hill Contribution Fund makes a 3rd donation of $5,000 to the Foundation. 
  • Mining Company Perilya continues its financial support with a further $25,000 donation.
  • Discussions with Wayne Gates held with regards to the Small Biz Connect Program.
  • Teleconference held Thursday 6th
  • Teleconference held Thursday 20th
  • Teleconference held Thursday 27th

March 2014

  • Meeting held with RDA Far West and Chamber of Commerce with regards to a Business Mentoring Program partnership.
  • Back to School Voucher Program closes 14th Over 230 Families assisted through the program this year.
  • Skillshare Training Grant – round 2 successful applicant, Tom Barraclough, is announced with Tom undertaking a Teacher’s Aid Traineeship – value $4,000 over 2 years.
  • The Paringa 4×4 desert event receives funding from the Foundation.
  • A Strategic Planning Workshop is held on Saturday 29th March – Sunday 30th March with the Workshop facilitated by Jamila Hume.
  • Oxide Street property leased for 12 months.

April 2014

  • Jubilee Oval signage sponsorship is granted in conjunction with Foundation ‘Gold Friends’ – the Demo Club, Shannon Electrics and the Community Credit Union. Value $4,000.
  • Cooper Murray is the recipient of funding in 2014 for attendance at the Youth Leaders Conference – $500 to assist with travel.
  • Teleconference held Tuesday 8th
  • Teleconference held Thursday 10th April
  • Teleconference held Tuesday 29th April

May 2014

  • Foundation Manager, Kimberley, participates in Tourism Taskforce workshops.
  • Menindee Public School visit to acknowledge receipt of Back to School Vouchers.
  • White Cliffs Music Festival receives $1,650 for sponsorship of their annual event.
  • Teleconference held Tuesday 13th May.
  • Teleconference held Tuesday 20th May.

June 2014

  • Round 3 of the Skillshare Training Grant Program is run with 2 successful applicants receiving a total of $3,000 for training purposes.
  • 2BH radio interview regarding Skillshare Program.
  • Max Potential 2014 receives assistance for the fifth consecutive year to run the leadership program – grant value $2,200.
  • Foundation joins steering committee for ‘Broken Hill Proud’ campaign revival.
  • Teleconference held Tuesday 3rd June.