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  • Oct 16, 2013
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Launch of Ambassador Program

More than thirty local community leaders have shown interest in becoming involved in a new Ambassador Program attached to the Foundation Broken Hill.

The program was launched at a function on Monday night attended by thirty-five representatives from local government, health, industry, small business and the art community – and already fourteen people have committed to become Foundation Ambassadors.

Foundation Chair Vince Gauci said response to the program launch was exciting – both in the number of people who expressed interest and the high calibre of people prepared to become involved.

“The Ambassador Program is critical to the Foundation’s ongoing success. It essentially invites respected local identities to learn more about the Foundation’s objectives, activities and achievements to date, so they can ‘spread the word’ to others in the community. We really need to increase awareness in the broader business community and among local residents so that our local capital raising activities become more effective.”

During a presentation at the launch, Mr Gauci outlined the growth of the Foundation’s Capital Fund from $0.5million in 2000, to now stand at $1.7million in cash, assets and commitments. However, more than half (54%) of this money has come from the mining industry, and almost one-quarter (22%) from cash and assets donated during the wind-up of the Broken Hill Skills Centre. Only 8% has come from local businesses – and the majority of that has come from Gold Friends such as the Broken Hill Community Credit Union, Shannon Electrics and the Barrier Social Democratic Club.

“$1.7million is already a significant amount,” Mr Gauci acknowledged.

“However, because all contributions to the Capital Fund remain protected, we only have the generated interest to use each year in the community. For the Foundation to make a much more significant contribution to Broken Hill’s future we need to be injecting new funds into that Capital – at least for the next five years – and, to do that, we need more Broken Hill people and businesses to join the businesses and individuals from around Australia who have helped to build that fund.”

Other information released during the launch included more than $645,000 contributed back into the community – almost $500,000 in projects and more than $150,000 in Back to School Vouchers. Contributions have averaged more than $80,000 annually over the last five years – with almost three-quarters of the funds injected into economic development and business start-ups or expansion projects.

“These projects are specifically about creating new jobs for Broken Hill – and the Foundation’s voluntary Board is committed to building the Capital Fund, so more interest is generated each year and more can be put back into stimulating these new jobs. We have tried a number of different ways to reach local people – to convince them of the value of contributing to the Foundation’s Capital Fund – but we just don’t seem be getting the message out to people well enough. We hope the launch of the Ambassador Program will help us do that,” he said.

The fourteen people who have already signed up to become Foundation Ambassadors are Gary Radford, Peter Nash, Kerry Keady, Andrew Pellizzer, Chris and Jan Anderson, Greg Braes, Darryl and Pauline Williams, Steve Flecknoe-Brown, Marg Corradini, Cheryl Krutli, Rickie Cooper and Samantha Maiden.

Mr Gauci said the success of the launch would likely mean a similar function would be held in December.

Further information about the Ambassador Program or the Broken Hill Community Foundation can be obtained by telephoning 8087 9985 or emailing manager@foundationbh.org.au